currently in development: A website where landlords meet qualified tenants The website hosts tenant candidates who post their residential interests and extensive qualification for tenancy. Landlords PICK ideal candidates and avoid vacancies, lost revenue and lost time. ( for tenants & landlords) - Interactive Owners Manual - for automobile manufacturers to connect with consumers and owners. Site offers easy access to automobile data and helpful "how to" videos on how your car works. - Connecting the professional people behind the scenes in the Real Estate community. - Website postings of interesting achievements, actions or ideas people want to post for themselves or others. Let the world know what you or someone else have been achieving. - Make a video of interesting personal opinions or ideas to be shared on the web. Various categories will be available or create your own. Make a statement, make it yours! historical projects mentions
previous projects summary: Ferraris at bedtime - Situations developed while shooting a Ferrari ad. A location rights debacle resulted in another add shot for the bedroom furniture company that owned the shoot location property. One add spawned another. Parallel process - got ya a quarter mill... - Working simultaneously with two companies in direct competition, Joel created parallel production groups, saving both clients and a mere $225,000. Arranging pixels half a world away - Electronic Art's game wizards wrangled the use of a special production company in Tel Aviv that required special and delicate coordination of scheduling, budgeting and art direction. Start with the Jurassic dummies - Not knowing where to begin, the company making the Jurassic Park game employed the actual puppets used in the making of the movie. Keep the kids happy - When Electronic Arts decided to outsource art, the team got nettled. Joel created a network that allowed the team artists to choose and direct assets that were outsourced.
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